Staff Spotlight, Katherine Beaton

Park Ranger Katherine Beaton

Park Services Specialist, Katherine Beaton

St. Andrews State Park

Katherine Beaton has a special place in her heart for the ocean. She earned her Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and loves spending her days as a park ranger at St. Andrews State Park

Katherine says she enjoys getting to be a part of the park because not only does she protect the environment, but she interacts with visitors and see the impact of the park on them. Whether it is answering questions from students during one of the park’s educational programs or helping a family at the beach, she is proud to be a ranger. Katherine says that being a part of the park service means being a part of something bigger than herself.

One of her favorite places in the park is the beach behind the jetties. It is a great place to explore and has a spectacular view. 

Beaton encourages anyone who is thinking of visiting to make sure they set aside enough time to experience the park. St. Andrews State Park has so many activities to enjoy, such as fishing, hiking, paddling and of course the beach, and so many memories to make. 

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