Staff Spotlight, Harrison Rardin

Harrison Rardin smiling at the camera, wearing his ranger uniform.

Park Ranger, Harrison Rardin

Mound Key Archaeological State Park

Harrison Rardin has been with the Florida Park Service for a few years and is a park ranger at Koreshan State Park and Mound Key Archaeological State Park in Estero. He originates from West Virginia and moved down to Florida for a change in scenery. The warm weather year-round was one of the things that he liked most about Florida.

Harrison’s love for the outdoors developed later in his life eventually leading him to become a park ranger to indulge this newfound love. What he enjoys most about the outdoors is the wildlife and working to protect it every day. Over the years, Harrison has helped immensely with the campfire circle program at Koreshan State Park. His favorite part of doing the program, and being a park ranger, is interacting with all the different people that come to visit the park. In addition to visitors, he enjoys working with the many volunteers who come to the park.

The rich history of the Koreshan Unity and area drew Harrison to Koreshan State Park. He enjoys being a part of a team that is preserving not only the land, but also the history. His favorite event is the Antique Engine Show which happens every March. He enjoys not only seeing the antique cars but also getting to know the many locals who come to support the event.

Harrison’s duties are not limited to just Koreshan State Park He is also instrumental in helping maintain Mound Key Archaeological State Park. He often helps with staff workdays maintain the trails and doing cleanup at the park.

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