Staff Spotlight, Geoffrey Wasson

Geoff, wearing his uniform, smiling at the camera.

Geoffrey Wasson, Park Services Specialist

Geoffrey Wasson grew up in Ohio and ever since he was a kid he always had a fascination with nature. After working in different career fields throughout the United States, he found true love in Florida and decided to make it his new home. While in Florida, he started working with the Miccosukee Indian tribe and it was there where his love for the outdoors strengthened. He knew he wanted to have a job where he could be outside and not sitting inside an office all day or have a job where every day was the same. Shortly after, he found a job with the Florida State Parks.

He started his career at Koreshan State Park as a park ranger and then later became a park services specialist, as the park’s museum curator. His position consists of knowing everything related to the Koreshans and answering any questions that visitors might have while visiting Koreshan State Park. He takes deep pride in making sure that the historic buildings are well taken care of and presentable for visitors, as well. There is no bigger satisfaction for him than knowing that a person left the park having not only learned something new but enjoyed themselves in the process.

The Ghost Walk has become one of Geoff’s favorite park events.The Ghost Walk is an evening event that takes you back in time to Koreshan life, filled with short skits of costumed characters portraying Koreshans.

The history that can be found at the park is unlike anything that can be found in the area. And, according to Geoffrey, is what makes this park so unique.  

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