Staff Spotlight, Aimee Wolters

Park Ranger standing in the forest surrounded by trees.

Aimee Wolters, Park Ranger

Blackwater River State Park

Park Ranger Aimee Wolters is inspired by the beauty of Florida.  Growing up along the Gulf Coast of Florida’s Panhandle, she knew from an early age that she wanted to work outdoors so most of her time could be spent in nature. From the changing of the seasons to the flowering plants and their pollinators, Aimee loves all the details nature provides.

Aimee was drawn to Blackwater River State Park because it is the ideal habitat for many rare and endangered plants and offers a diversity of flora.  She loves the late summer season when many of the parks plants are in bloom and a variety of insects can be observed. Aimee says she feels honored to be serving at the nations purest sandy bottom river as well as the largest continuous longleaf pine ecosystem in the world. 

Being able to inspire new perspectives through interpretation is what Aimee enjoys most about being a park ranger.  She loves being able to provide information that a visitor has never heard before.  She frequently conducts programs in and out of the park and aspires to develop new programs.  Aimee's passion for natural Florida extends beyond her work hours. Her goal is to share the beauty of Florida through creative children's literature and she is currently in the process of publishing her first book for a naturalist series. 

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