Staff Spotlight, Adam Dunham

Adam Dunham, dressed in period clothing.

Park Ranger, Adam Dunham

Paynes Creek Historic State Park

Adam Dunham is a Florida native, having been born in Lutz, Florida. Growing up in Florida allowed Adam the pleasure of experiencing many of Florida’s natural wonders and beauty. He is the son of an educator, so he was always encouraged to seek out new experiences, and this curiosity eventually led to a desire to serve and protect the state that had given so much to him.

Adam’s official role at Paynes Creek Historic State Park is as a park ranger, but you can always find him taking on other roles in the park. He enjoys the variety and complexity that working for the Florida Park Service has given him. One of his favorite roles is as a reenactor during the annual Fort Chokonikla reenactment event. Bringing history to life and getting to educate visitors brings Adam joy. It’s an awesome way to interact with park visitors and the community that the park serves.

What Adam loves most about the outdoors is the fact that nature’s splendor never ceases to amaze. There’s so much opportunity to find nature’s hidden gems in not only Florida, but in places all around the world. What keeps him at the park is the fact that he is part of something greater than himself. He is truly dedicated to maintaining and preserving Florida for future generations.

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