Hurricane Recovery- St. Andrews State Park

St. Andrews Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Michael left its mark on St. Andrews State Park. The strong storm surge and wind caused damage throughout the park and surrounding community.

As was the case throughout the Panhandle, many trees came down in the park. Boats were pushed on shore by the high tides and storm surge, structures were damaged and campsites destroyed.

However, recovery teams arrived soon after the storm passed. Together with park staff, the teams have cleared and cleaned the park and the beach has reopened for visitors and residents. It is important to the Florida State Park staff that people have a place to go to relax and unwind.

 St. Andrews Hurricane Road

Downed trees littered the roads, trails, campsites, picnic areas and other areas throughout the park.

St. Andrews Hurricane Damage

The pavilion, a place where many families picnicked as they enjoyed the beach, was demolished by Hurricane Michael.

St. Andrews Hurricane Damage Beach

Hurricane Michael and its accompanying storm surge reshaped some of the park's beautiful beaches.

St. Andrews Hurricane Boat

Boats were pushed onto the shore by the storm surge and were further damaged by falling trees.

St. Andrews Hurricane Damage

Recovery teams work to remove the many downed trees in the park.

St. Andrews Hurricane Clean up

Florida State Park's staff have spent the last week using chainsaws to cut fallen trees so that they could remove them from the park.