Interpretive Tours at Savannas Preserve

A male visitor resting in a kayak on a freshwater marsh.
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Services Provided

Savannas Preserve State Park is proud to host a variety of interpretive and guided programs. Please view our events page for additional details on dates, times and reservation requirements. Park entry fees apply, and additional fees may apply to specific programs. Donations are appreciated and will be given directly to the Friends of Savannas Preserve State Park, a 501c3 citizen support organization. 

Interpretive Guided Kayaking Programs

Every Friday and Saturday (Sundays seasonally) - 8 a.m.

Learn about the freshwater basin marsh while paddling through it. Park volunteers will lead a small group of visitors on a relaxing kayak tour through the Savannas marsh. Visitors will have the opportunity to have an up-close view of a variety of native animals including wading birds, turtles, frogs and even on the rare occasion, alligators. The tour will include discussions on the primary plant and animal species that inhabit the area, as well as the importance of protecting this serene habitat.

  • Tours last 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Park admission, as well as other fees, apply.
  • View additional pricing information.
  • Reservations are required by calling the education center at 772-398-2779. 
  • Please bring drinking water and dress appropriately for the weather. 

Guided Hikes

Various dates, times and locations.

Savannas Preserve State Park has more than 17 miles of walking trails. Guided hikes can be scheduled at any one of our main entrances. Please view our events page for additional details on dates, times and locations. Guests may venture through the oak hammocks at Miller Property, the pine flatwoods surrounding the education center or the scrub habitat at Hawk's Bluff. Depending on the location and focus of the hike, guides can cover various topics including an historical overview of the park, native and non-native species, resource management techniques and the importance of maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

  • Each hike will be a different length and difficulty level. Please inquire when calling to make reservations.
  • Reservations are required by calling 772-398-2779.
  • Park admission fees apply. 
  • Please bring drinking water and dress appropriately for the weather. 

Glass Lizard Trail of Odes Self-Guided Walk

Available at all times.

A quarter-mile trail and interpretive brochure are available anytime the park is open. The trailhead for the Glass Lizard Trail is behind the education center. The interpretive brochure is available in a small kiosk at the beginning of the trail. Follow the numbered posts along the trail, from 1 to 20, and read the corresponding poem in the brochure for each stop. If visiting during the operation hours of the education center, guests can inquire at the front desk about borrowing the large print version of the interpretive brochure with colored pictures.

  • Park admission fees apply.
  • Please bring drinking water and dress appropriately for weather.