Rare and Endangered Etoniah False Rosemary

A green shrub with purple flowers.

Dunns Creek State Park is one of only 13 locations found on public lands where a rare and endangered plant has been surveyed in Putnam County. Conridina cyniflora, or Etonia false rosemary, is rare shrub in the mint family. The only occurrences of this endangered shrub are found in Putnam County, Florida.

Etonia false rosemary is found in deep white-sand scrub dominated by sand pine and shrubby oaks. They are generally most abundant in natural openings or artificial clearing rather than in the scrub. Unfortunately, loss of habitat and fire suppression have led the population of the plant to decline. Etonia rosemary is currently listed as an endangered species.

Park staff take great care to monitor and protect the Etonia false rosemary population found within the park. Routine surveys are conducted to monitor the plant’s range and to ensure its protection.