World Ranger Day

Park ranger and junior rangers on the beach.

July 31 is World Ranger Day. 

Reaching the next generation of rangers. 

This global celebration recognizes the work of rangers to protect the planet’s natural treasures and cultural heritage. But it’s not just our Florida State Parks staff and volunteers who help us accomplish these goals; even the youngest members of your family can aid global conservation efforts. Junior Rangers is a program for young people to learn, serve and share Florida’s natural and cultural resources.  

Junior Rangers do some amazing work, including:  

  • Respect and observe wildlife in their natural habitats.  
  • Learn about Florida’s diverse cultures, past and present.  
  • Uphold outdoor safety: on the trails, at the waterfront or in the campsite.  
  • Keep Florida State Parks free of litter.  

Junior Rangers may be the next generation of park, recreation, wildlife and environmental professionals! Ready to get started? There are many ways to become a Junior Ranger.  

A group of Junior Rangers in Anastasia State Park.
Junior Rangers learning to safely build a campfire at Anastasia State Park.
At a Park  

Junior Ranger Kits include six CORE Activities, a membership ID and a Junior Ranger Passport. Kits are available at over 110 Florida State Parks! Check out our complete list of participating parks to pick up your kit and get started.  

Before You Go 

Want to jump start your Junior Ranger experience? Download and print the Junior Ranger CORE Activities so you can complete them before you arrive.  


If you can’t make it to a Florida State Park, you can still become a Virtual Junior Ranger. Through a series of virtual activities and games, you can learn and protect Florida’s natural and cultural resources from anywhere in the world!   

Keep It Going 

The fun doesn’t have to stop! As a Junior Ranger, you can continue to complete activities, earn cool prizes and visit new Florida State Parks.