Wildlife Viewing at Sebastian Inlet

Atala Butterfly on a flower

Wildlife Wonderland

Sebastian Inlet State Park is a beautiful place where land meets sea.  Many folks visit to walk the beaches, try their luck angling or surf the great waves.  But there are other unique experiences that few may know about. 

Have you ever seen an atala butterfly?  They are incredibly beautiful!  Once thought to be extinct in Florida, their numbers have rebound mainly due to the deliberate plantings of their natural host plant, the Florida Coontie.  Sebastian Inlet State Park is now home to many atalas. Look for them especially near the Ranger Stations where coontie grows in the landscaping.

Adult Loggerhead turtle

Green Sea Turtle

Each summer, the park beaches host hundreds of nesting sea turtles of several species.  Female loggerhead, green and leatherback sea turtles travel hundreds of miles to put their nests in the warm sands of Sebastian Inlet State Park.  And you can witness this age-old event.  Ranger-led programs take place after dark in June and July.  Reservations are necessary and can be made at through the Friends of Sebastian Inlet State Park starting May each season. You’ve never felt closer to nature than when you witness this time-tested ritual, with just the stars above and the gentle sound of the lapping surf in the background. 

Bird by Jetty

Sebastian Inlet is a Great Florida Birding Trail site, so don’t forget a camera or pair of binoculars! There have been over 190 bird species seen in the park. There are bird hot spots throughout the whole park so pick up a bird list and map at the ranger station.