Wildlife Viewing at Ochlockonee River

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Ochlockonee River State Park has an accessible scenic drive that loops through picturesque North Florida flatwoods and natural communities such as pine flatwoods, oak thickets and saw palmetto. It also has nature trails that run along the river and wind through the woods. 

The park is one of the few that are home to the red-cockaded woodpecker, an endangered species. This bird is the only woodpecker in the state that makes a nest cavity in a living pine tree. The tree cannot be too hard; if it is, the bird has difficulty drilling through it. This means the tree needs to be old and have heart rot; as a result, this species is found only in areas where the trees are older than about 70 years.  

Since most of the trees at Ochlockonee River State Park are not old enough, the park rangers help by making soft hollow spots in them.

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Also in relative abundance in the park are deer, the endangered gopher tortoise and an array of songbirds. Bobcat, fox squirrels and the occasional bear also can be seen. 

wildlife, animals

You can also see the unique white squirrels, which were intentionally introduced to the area in the 1950s. Their color is a result of a genetic mutation of the common gray squirrel.

wildlife, animals

Bring your furry friends out for some outdoor time, as dogs are allowed on the trails (but not on the beach).