Volunteer Spotlight, Robert Halloway

Volunteer Robert Halloway

Robert Halloway 

Robert Halloway is the recipient of the 2022 Short-Term Project of the Year Award for Historic Resources. 

Bob Halloway has volunteered nearly 2,000 hours at Rainbow Springs State Park since December 2015. 

A member of the park’s construction crew, Bob is always ready to lend a hand on a variety of projects. He has worked to repair and patch over 100 acres of broken and cracked walkways, thus contributing significantly to visitor safety in the park. The task involved removing broken areas, mixing the mortar, and troweling the mix into the broken areas of the walkway. Bob has painted three buildings and renovated four restrooms. Bob also helps with displays and merchandise in the gift shop. 

Bob’s volunteer efforts are appreciated. He is a pleasure to work with and offers insightful suggestions on how to accomplish challenging tasks and assignments.  

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