Volunteer Spotlight, Rich Gallik

Rich Gallik

Rich Gallik is the recipient of the 2022 Adult Volunteer of the Year Award for Visitor Services.   

For the last eight years, Rich Gallik has been volunteering at Anastasia State Park. Rich – who celebrated his 80th birthday in 2022 – is the president of the Friends of Anastasia and has logged more than 6,800 hours of volunteer service.

The Friends of Anastasia board and volunteers appreciate Rich’s positive attitude and fundraising skills. Rich has made connections with other nonprofit groups, the county and the city. One such partnership with a local nonprofit group resulted in a 5K and 10K race that draws hundreds of people and raises thousands of dollars.

Recently he has been involved in partnerships with the local amphitheater located next to our campground. Last year, two different artists paired with Anastasia State Park’s citizen support organization (CSO) and together donated thousands of dollars toward aspects of the park that benefit the local community. Because of these incredible efforts, we have started raising funds to improve our beach playground and replace it with an accessible playground.  

The CSO’s fundraising has provided the park with new equipment, repairs to vehicles and improvements to the camping area for camp hosts.  

Thank you, Rich, for staying involved in the local community and helping to promote Friends of Anastasia while sharing your love for the park.

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