Volunteer Spotlight, Lee Bevan

Lee Bevan

Born in East McKeesport, Pittsburg, Lee Bevan moved to Florida in 2004. He discovered the Ocala area and decided to purchase a house and retire. In 2018, he remembered all his years of camping and the adventures he has been on and decided it was time to go on the road.

Lee started his volunteer journey in 2019 at Fanning Springs State Park. He then moved on to Manatee Springs, Eden Gardens, the Nature Coast State Trail, Cedar Key Museum and Sebastian Inlet State Park. Lee has contributed over 2,100 hours of volunteer service.

Currently, Lee is serving as the maintenance volunteer, doing everything from landscaping, trimming back overgrowth, keeping Fanning Springs’ equipment in service and assisting staff with opening and closing the park. Lee also enjoys talking with visitors about the area and the head spring. His skill and finesse with visitors were especially useful when cabin guests need information about the area or any extra amenities. We appreciate all the work that Lee does for us at Fanning Springs State Park.

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