Volunteer Spotlight, James Levy and Nancy Severance

James Levy and Nancy Severance

James Levy and Nancy Severance

Camp hosts James Levy and Nancy Severance have been traveling and exploring the United States for the past seven years. 

James Levy and Nancy Severance are two exceptional individuals who make an outstanding team regardless of whether they are camp hosting or working on special projects. As graduates of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, they particularly enjoy working on projects involving art and providing interpretive information to visitors. Their love of photography and travel set them on a path to, in their words, “rove across this land, go where we want to and stay to discover the history, geology and the role we play in preservation. As full-time volunteers, we are allowed a rare opportunity to see our precious lands in ways most visitors do not.” In addition to Highlands Hammock, they have volunteered at Grayton Beach, Oleta River, Myakka River, Hillsborough River and Colt Creek. They have also volunteered in several of the big western parks including Canyonlands National Park. 

James and Nancy have contributed photos for park publications and designed posters for the concert series, festivals, and other special events. James has provided invaluable assistance with placing signage, closing the park, removing litter from park roads and polishing the bronze statue in front of the CCC Museum. He faithfully sets up art murals in the Kids’ Corner for CCC and Earth Day festivals. Nancy has put considerable time and effort into deep cleaning aging bathroom tiles without damaging them. They have also removed exotic invasive vegetation. 

When not volunteering, these two are engaged in their own creative endeavors. James, who is also a musician, constructs designer guitars while Nancy paints acrylic landscapes and makes jewelry. Friendly, helpful, pleasant, easygoing and good-natured, they enjoy greeting incoming campers and the camaraderie of the rangers and volunteers at the Hammock. They are a solid, reliable volunteer couple who work well independently or together with their fellow volunteers. Although they are quiet, modest and would rather not be in the spotlight, James and Nancy are very deserving of recognition for their work. Together they have logged over 9000 volunteer hours in Florida State Parks! 

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