Volunteer Spotlight, Gina DeFalco

Volunteer - Gina DeFalco at the park.

Eden Gardens State Park 

Volunteer Spotlight, Gina DeFalco 

If you have flower or garden questions at Eden Gardens State Park, Gina DeFalco is your go-to volunteer.

Gina has been a board member with the Friends of Eden Gardens since 2014. With an educational background in horticulture and professional horticulture ties in our local community, Gina has been integral in many of our Friends of Eden Gardens projects throughout the park.

Accomplishments include replanting around the front entrance sign to the park, serving as chairperson for the Camellia Festival, organizing camellia air layering days for volunteers and mapping/marking several hundred camellia varieties throughout the park.

Gina’s expertise and enthusiasm for service have translated into park guests experiencing all the beauty and blooms that this garden park has to offer!

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