Volunteer Spotlight, Friends of Bahia Honda State Park Inc.

Friends of Bahia Honda State Park Inc.

Friends of Bahia Honda State Park Inc.

2021 Short-Term Project of the Year  Award for Resource Management 

Established in 2015, the Friends of Bahia Honda State Park has dedicated many hours toward creating and hosting fundraising programs to benefit the park. Between the six board members, they have contributed nearly 9,000 volunteer hours.

These passionate volunteers have made a huge impact at Bahia Honda. The funds that the friends raise go toward park maintenance and ensuring that facilities are up to date.

Restoration efforts began in 2017 to repair park amenities following Hurricane Irma. The friends group started multiple projects that would replace and enhance the facilities at the park, putting the final touches on restoration from the hurricane damage.

The Friends of Bahia Honda have continually contributed to the Loggerhead/Calusa project that rebuilt aspects of the park.  

  • Three new changing rooms were built near the newly restored bathhouse. This addition allowed for a smoother flow of visitors around the facilities. New exterior-grade interpretive panels were placed in the changing rooms. The panels are interchangeable and allow staff to offer a variety of information for park visitors.
  • Volunteers placed new grills, erected fencing, and built picnic tables and benches near Loggerhead Beach. Twenty native sabal palms were planted, providing shade for the new picnic areas.
  • New shade canopies were installed above the shade pavilions. These canopies can be removed if weather conditions become severe, preventing damage.

The previous pavilions on Calusa Beach had become iconic, lining the beaches since the park was established in the 1950s. The friends group agreed to fund the Loggerhead/Calusa Project. Nearly $20,000 was graciously donated to complete the project.

Congratulations to the Friends of Bahia Honda State Park on its award. The group has made immeasurable contributions to the park and for that we are deeply grateful.

2021 Florida State Parks Volunteer Recognition Winner

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