Volunteer Spotlight

Mike Petellat

Mike Petellat

Volunteer of the Year Award for Resource Management

Mike Petellat starting volunteering at Crystal River Archaeological State Park in 2014, and since then he has contributed more than 3,700 hours. Mike is always willing to share his research and knowledge of the park and the history of the site. Staff, other volunteers and park visitors enjoy learning about the Crystal River area from him.

Mike can lead group projects or work independently. He works on maintenance projects and the protection of cultural resources. Mike has been an active volunteer in the Moon Over the Mounds event sponsored by the Friends of Crystal River State Parks, the park's citizens support organization. He once served as the group's vice president.

Mike can be counted on to be a tour interpreter for each event, rain or shine. He also assists park rangers with the not-so-glamorous duties too, such as mowing, trimming and helping with downed trees.

Mike will always stop to assist a visitor and share information about the park. His enthusiasm helps persuade others to volunteer. 

2020 Florida State Parks Volunteer Recognition Award Winner

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