Volunteer Spotlight

Delaney Doum

Delaney Doum

Youth Volunteer of the Year Award for Administration

During summer 2020, Delaney Doum volunteered more than 100 hours at Henderson Beach State Park. Delaney helped answer phones, answered questions about the park’s resources and collected entrance fees. She also took on the responsibility of aiding in training other youth volunteers in office procedures. Additionally, Delaney was instrumental in helping our front office operations during peak visitor times, directing traffic into the proper designated lanes and reducing lines into the park.

Delaney Doum’s dedication and personality shined when she made a positive first impression to over 100,000 visitors to Henderson Beach State Park within a four-month period. Additionally, she was able to recruit volunteers from her classmates at school. 

2020 Florida State Parks Volunteer Recognition Award Winner

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