Veterans Memorial Plaza

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Adjacent to the notable Orman House stands an homage to the soldiers who fought during the Vietnam War. Placed in the center of Apalachicola’s Veterans Memorial Plaza, the bronze statue is an acknowledgement of their sacrifice and statement of gratitude for their service. The piece is a replica of the original which stands on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The original was made by Frederick Hart, a creator of hundreds of other public monuments and portraits. The replica was made by creating a cast of the original statue and setting it into black granite. Apalachicola is the only city in the United States to feature a replica of the statue.

The piece, aptly named The Three Soldiers, shows three men of varying backgrounds, looking off into the distance at an unknown destination. The extraordinary detail in the statue is what truly brings it to life and makes it seem as though the soldiers are right there with you. Their uniforms, equipment and the expressions on their faces all come together to evoke a feeling of determination and hopefulness.

The statue was revealed and dedicated on July 12, 2008. With this statue, the commitment of every soldier of the Vietnam War is honored and will be remembered for generations to come.