Venture Down the Sinkhole

a view of the greenery on a hillside.

Devil’s Millhopper became a designated National Natural Landmark in 1976. The park is a remarkable example of a collapsed sinkhole and invites curious visitors from all over. Climbing down a sinkhole is one of the many exceptional experiences that you can have in Florida.

New sinkhole boardwalk at Devil's Millhopper
New Sinkhole Boardwalk - completed June 2019

As you descend the 132 steps of the boardwalk, you can see rich vegetation all around you, even during the hot summer months. It may feel like you have been transported to a small rainforest, abundant in wildlife and greenery. Pass by tumbling waterfalls and slow-flowing creeks which feed into the sinkhole. Look and listen for the fox sparrow, grey treefrog and golden-banded skipper. The climate, geology and plant life of this area have created an incredible ecosystem rarely found elsewhere in the world.

One of the most amazing things you’ll experience is the stark temperature change as you approach the sinkhole. The thick canopy of trees provides a considerable amount of shade, significantly cooling the area around the sinkhole. Allow yourself to enjoy the cooler temperatures and experience a piece of Florida that harkens back to a time before roads and traffic.

You’ll notice that the busy sounds of humans have been replaced with the quiet chirp of birds, rustling of leaves and the trickling of water.

The 120-foot deep sink hole remains a testament to the power of nature. As you make your return journey back up the boardwalk, appreciate your surrounds for a second time, taking with you the peace found in this isolated landmark.