Trails at St. Joseph

A view of the trails at St. Joseph.

Currently there is only one nature trail accessible due to the damage from Hurricane Michael. The popular Maritime Hammock Nature Trail is now open for day use with a daily or annual park pass.

The approximately half-mile Maritime Hammock Trail provides a preview of the bluffs along St. Joseph Bay. Surprisingly, there are gentle, rolling hills here. The trail offers an experience in a depression marsh, a scrub habitat and a maritime hammock habitat.

Bobcats, foxes, otters, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, coyotes and armadillos are just some of the animals you may spot. Some are even trail users themselves, so keep an eye on the ground for the chance to see the prints they leave behind.

The Wilderness Preserve Trail is not accessible at this time due to the damage caused by Hurricane Michael.  Once access to the northern section of the peninsula is restored work to reopen the Wilderness Trail will take place.   

The Wilderness Preserve Trail is a linear trail that runs seven miles through 1,750 acres of unspoiled coastal ecosystem and sand pine scrub to the very tip of the peninsula. It’s an opportunity to be alone with nature, accompanied only by the wind and the sound of the waves rolling onto the shore. 

The Bay View Trail is also not accessible do to the damage cause by Hurricane Michael. 

The Bay View Trail is a loop trail that takes visitors along the bay shore and then through the center of the park.  All natural features of the park with the exception of a Maritime Hammock can be seen or experienced on the Bay View Trail

The trails at T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park provide any visitor, whether they’re interested in a short day-hike or a back-country expedition, with a pleasant journey into ...the Real Florida.

The park also offers a beach wheelchair for access to the trails within the park.