Trails at Oleta

A view of a trail by the water.

This park is a quiet refuge in the dense Miami metro area, dotted with mangrove islands and marshy areas. The urban park’s 1,033 acres are crisscrossed by trails, making it a popular spot for running, cycling or just a calm walk in the woods. Walkers and joggers can enjoy three miles of paved trails that offer scenic views of Biscayne Bay’s estuaries through mangrove forests and sea grapes.

Because Miami is flat and coastal, most people are surprised to learn that the park is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in Florida. The park has fifteen miles of cycling trails with a variety of difficulties for everyone from novice to expert riders. Navigate through one of the largest collections of Australian pines, along the twisting and turning paths, where a variety of wildlife can cross your path. For others who are looking for a good challenge, trail sections like Stairway to Heaven offer a thrilling ride.