Swimming and Diving at Troy Spring

a diver swims below the surface in green water

Troy Spring State Park has served as a swimming hole and getaway destination for the local community for generations, a tradition that continues today among visitors who come to swim and dive in the clear, colorful waters.

The main spring area has some shallow and some deeper areas, for swimming and diving respectively. Those wanting to cool off on a hot summer’s day can splash around in the 72-degree water, or strap on a mask and snorkel to venture out over the spring if feeling a little more adventurous. A multitude of fish are visible from both the surface and underwater, making the submerged world of the spring resplendent with life and color. The sunken wreck of the ship Madison is a particularly fascinating area to explore at the mouth of the spring, it’s ghostly imprint still visible on clear water days.

Divers can find even more to explore here, as the main area of the spring descends a surprising 70 feet to the floor. It is important to remember that only open water diving (with proper certification) is allowed here, and divers cannot enter cave systems or use lights. Instead, they can explore the sandy floor of the spring, admiring the limestone rock formations that create strange shapes in the water, as well as the vent where the fresh water is pumped out of the aquifer to fuel the spring.

Make sure you grab a friend and leave early, because all divers must operate in pairs and complete their dives at least one hour before sundown. Visitors should keep in mind that the spring may be closed to both diving and swimming at any time if water clarity is compromised, for the safety of all.

Troy Spring State Park offers a wonderful experience in the middle of rural Florida to cool off, relax and enjoy the best the state has to offer in the form of a premiere spring. Whether swimming, snorkeling, diving or just sitting on the shore, you are sure to find something to enjoy here, and keep coming back for.