Swimming and Diving at Madison Blue

Madison Blue Spring

Madison Blue Spring has drawn locals to its crystal-clear waters since the area's earliest inhabitants used it as a freshwater source. A long-treasured swimming hole, this park protects one of Florida first-magnitude springs. 

Take a Swim Break

The headspring is nestled among the trees and provides a much-needed respite from the commotion of modern life. Enjoy sunning atop a float and let the spring's flow gently carry you to the river's edge. When craving excitement, take a plunge into the refreshing waters on a hot summer's day and reinvigorate your body. To explore more, put on a mask and snorkel and see catfish, sunfish and freshwater turtles in their environment.

Mullet in the spring-run

For a more tranquil experience, stay in the shade along the spring deck watching the water sparkle. Notice fish darting in and out of the sunlight streaked water as they make their way down the spring run to the Withlacoochee River. No matter the season, this spring attracts swimmers with its alluring year-round temperature of 72 degrees.

Take a Cave Diving Adventure

Kirill Egorov in a cave at Madison Blue
Photo by Kirill Egorov

Certified cave divers from across the globe have been drawn to the underwater mysteries here. Madison Blue is internationally known for its cave system that offers exceptional diving opportunities and spectacular underwater scenery. About 30 feet below the pool surface is a large opening to an aquatic cave that serves as the main entrance to a very extensive cave system. The maze of cave passages under the park is home to several unique species of cave-dwelling invertebrates such as the pallid cave crayfish. 

Martz Sink at Madison Blue
Martz Sink

Drop below the surface at Martz Sink and experience the quiet solitude as you enter the limestone cave system few have ever seen. It is vital that divers have specialized training in cave diving: Navigating in dark and tight spaces with no direct access to the surface is no easy feat. Stay safe by following all diving rules and regulations. Be sure to bring a friend and leave early, as all divers are required to operate in pairs and complete dives at least one hour before sundown.

The next time you’re in need of a reprieve from the chaos of urban life, keep Madison Blue Spring State Park in mind. This hidden gem offers an unforgettable experience, whether your basking in the sun or delving deep into the dark waters below. You are sure to find something to enjoy at this park.