Surfing at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park


Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, located on the north side of the inlet, is a surfer’s paradise. As you head toward the beach, you will walk down a path made of coquina shells that traverses a pristine dune ecosystem. Even from a distance, you can hear the roar of the waves crashing on the beach and you’ll begin to smell the salt in the air. When you are atop of the dune, be sure to stop and appreciate the view, the wildflowers, and the sea oats that sway with the ocean breeze. As you get closer, the golden brown sand and the warm, inviting waters of the Atlantic Ocean beckon you to jump in and go surfing!

Surfing at Fort Pierce

The park has a jetty that creates waves perfect for surfing, and with a little practice, you can be a part of the action! The jetty focuses the ocean’s wave energy onto the beach at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park in a way that creates more of the larger, “clean” waves that surfers need!

As a result, Fort Pierce Inlet State Park has been home to many surfing competitions and our annual Wounded Warriors surfing event. On a good surf day, our park is visited by many surfers of all ages and from all around the state.

Grab your surfboard and join the fun!