Staff Spotlight, William McNaught

William McNaught

William McNaught, Park Services Specialist 

Telling the history of Fort Mose is important to William. 

William grew up on Long Island, New York, where he developed a love for natural and cultural resources at a very young age. It was always a dream of William’s to become a park ranger. When he was young, he would rather go to Williamsburg instead of Disney, foreshadowing his natural love of history. 

In 2003, he moved to Florida to take care of his parents and start the second phase of his life. Eventually, he started a career with the Florida Park Service. 

Even before he was a park services specialist, William wanted to be a part of the Fort Mose story.  

“The story of Fort Mose and the complete hardship that was overcome for the sake of freedom really inspires me every day to come to work and help visitors learn about history.” 

William enjoys sharing the Fort Mose story and  believes he works with the best volunteers and reenactors in the state of Florida, if not the world. He is fueled by the people who visit every day and getting to see their awe-filled eyes at the visitor’s center and museum.   

The Flight to Freedom is William’s favorite park program because it gives a glimpse of the way it was from 1683 to 1738 and beyond. 

William hopes to see more and more new faces visiting the park so the Fort Mose story can be told for years to come.  

“The honor and passion for the historical significance of Fort Mose guides each and every one of us who works or volunteers at this post. There is no place I would rather be.” 

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