Staff Spotlight, Scott Armstrong

A photo of Scott Armstrong

St. Andrews State Park 

Scott Armstrong, Park Ranger 

Since an early age, Park Ranger Scott has sought refuge and adventure in the Florida outdoors. His appreciation for the woods and creatures that inhabit them has led him to begin his career with the Florida Park Service. With an academic background in ecology and biology, Scott is the ‘go-to’ ranger for most species’ identification, especially when it comes to reptiles and amphibians.

His favorite thing about the park is the observable bridge between terrestrial and marine habitats that provide frequent opportunities to see the wildlife that inhabit them. One of the most enjoyable parts of his job as a park ranger is being surrounded by other like-minded individuals who appreciate nature in some way.

If you are visiting the park, you will most likely see Ranger Scott around Sandy Point picking up litter and sharing his knowledge about endangered species.

In the photo above, Ranger Scott has Ratsy, the park's non-venomous corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus) ambassador, draped over his shoulder.

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