Staff Spotlight, Linek Tepexpa

Linek Tepexpa

Linek Tepexpa

Linek was born and raised in Marathon, FL. She’s a first-generation Cuban American born to immigrant parents who met in Miami and shortly after settled in the Florida Keys. Growing up, Linek spent time going out on her father’s commercial fishing boat and traveling back to Cuba frequently to visit extended family. 

Linek considers herself a workaholic who is fiercely dedicated to her family and community. She owned and ran a coffee shop on Big Pine Key and later Marathon for eight years. Through a lifetime of living in this tropical environment, she’s had to start over three times due to hurricane devastation. 

In 2023, Linek accepted a part-time ranger position at Curry Hammock State Park and has quickly become an indispensable member of the staff. If you visit the park, you’ll likely find her in the Ranger Station greeting visitors and giving extra attention to any furry friends entering as guests. 

Linek always brings a smile and helpful attitude to the other rangers, volunteers and visitors at Curry Hammock. She’s a reliable and cheerful presence, representing the can-do attitude of the Florida State Parks. She says she truly loves this job because it feels like spending time with family. 

You aren’t likely to find Linek relaxing in her off time because she prefers to stay as busy and occupied as possible. In fact, she takes regular trips to Cuba one to two times per year to deliver much-needed supplies like medicine, clothing, shoes, personal care items and food to people in need. She routinely flies these supplies into Havana and circles the island nation to distribute them as she visits people and places that she’s made a strong connection with over the years. 

In addition to her husband, young adult children, grandchild and extended family, Linek is passionate about dogs. She has three pit bulls at home that hold a special place in her heart. 

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