Sea Turtle Nesting

This is a photo of a leatherback hatchling entering the ocean.

The 2023 nesting season is already setting records. The loggerhead sea turtle laid a record 2,068 nests, and green sea turtles laid a record 2,116 nests. Leatherback sea turtles laid a total of 56 nests, more than doubling last year's result.

Sea turtle nesting runs annually March through October and is a very exciting and busy time at the park. Park staff has already been on the beach since the beginning of February looking for any signs of a nesting leatherback sea turtle. Every morning during this time, dedicated park rangers and volunteers survey the beach to track and record the number of turtles that come ashore overnight.

In addition to the daily surveys, MacArthur Beach participates in a citizen science program called Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nest Excavation. Training for this program will take place in June, with the first excavation usually occurring at the beginning of July.