Ranger Programs

A woman in ranger uniform stands next to a man and woman on a stage

Anyone who has been to a ranger-led program knows that it is the best way to experience a Florida state park!

Not only do you get to be out hiking, biking or camping in a scenic place, but you are also learning about the park around you and having fun while doing it.

Every Saturday at Manatee Springs State Park a ranger’s choice program is offered, where knowledgeable park rangers and volunteers pick a topic that they’re passionate about to share with visitors. Did you know that while some snakes lay eggs others have live young? Were you aware that manatees can eat up to 100 pounds of seagrass a day and are most closely related to elephants? Or maybe you’ve heard about using prescribed fire for healthy ecosystems and want to learn more about it? All of these topics (and more) are featured in the ranger programs at Manatee Springs State Park.

If you want to a little bit more exercise on your trip to the park, rangers also conduct guided walks along many of the park’s numerous picturesque trails, pointing out wildlife and plants and telling stories along the way. You may just be lucky enough to see a gopher tortoise emerging from its burrow or a doe hiding in the trees with a small fawn in tow.

Bring your camera, because with the park's 8.5 miles of trails, you’re sure to see something new on each guided hike.

If any of these programs sound intriguing or just plain fun, then come out to learn more about the resources in your state parks. There is no better way to experience this awesome place then by participating in a ranger program the next time you visit Manatee Springs State Park.