The Pine Flatwoods Trail

A purple violet nestles alongside green smilax vines/

Explore history and nature through the Pine Flatwoods Trail, perimeter trails, ancient oak area and Fort King Road at Dade Battlefield Historic State Park.

Ancient Oak Tree

Meander along the half-mile Pine Flatwoods Trail and find patches of carnivorous small bluish butterworts or vivid blue violets tucked in amongst blackberry brambles at the edges of the tall longleaf pine trees. 

Trail at Dade Battlefield

Look up into the longleaf pines and view a red-headed woodpecker as it looks for a snag cavity for nesting. Listen to the staccato-like note, “klee-klee-klee” of a Southeastern American kestrel as it searches for food amongst the palmettos and pines. Exchange nature for history and tour the Fort King Road, where a replica log breastwork and trail markers help bring to life the 1835 Seminole Indian battle against U.S. soldiers beneath the stately pines and oaks.  Stroll back to the ancient oak tree where a majestic live oak tree has stood the test of time for more than 250 years. Resurrection fern, green fly orchids and Spanish moss make their home among the branches of this much beloved tree. 

Trail at Dade Battlefield

On your way back to the park’s Visitor Center, be sure to stop by the Chickee, a traditional, palm-thatched structure built and recently rethatched by Seminoles to help explain their early dwelling history to the visiting public.