Orman House Servant's Quarters

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Thomas Orman was a successful cotton merchant that is credited with putting Apalachicola on the map as one of the busiest ports for exporting cotton during the 1800s. While his accomplishments are often at the forefront of history, the history of the men and women who labored under him are often overlooked.

Currently a restoration project is taking place to research and preserve the legacy of the these men and women, and provide a glimpse into their daily lives working at the Orman house.

Orman House Historic Building

The servant and slave quarters still stand on the grounds behind the Orman house. They are one of the last surviving examples of this type of structure in Franklin County. These structures are dated to have been built in the late 1800s. The plan to preserve these structures includes rebuilding the houses in a historically accurate manner and creating interpretive material to tell the story of the African-Americans who lived there.

In even more exciting news, documents have recently been discovered in the Orman house that contain important details about the lives of the slaves and servants who worked and lived on the property. These documents give use important information such as names, ages, and skillsets and physical features of various slaves. This is important because it gives identity to the previous nameless human beings who are so often forgotten.

Keep an eye out for all of the exciting developments to come as this project gets underway. We are excited to share this historical gem with the public and reveal more about the history of Orman House Historic State Park.