Nature Trail at Curry Hammock

Nature trail 3

Curry Hammock protects over 1,000 acres in the Middle Florida Keys. The 1.5 mile nature trail is located on an outlying parcel not included in what most would consider the park proper.  However, don’t let this deter you, our trail is the real natural Florida Keys you’ve been looking for.

Nature trail 2

Traverse uneven terrain through a beautiful hardwood hammock to an overlook of Florida Bay. This type of hammock is referred to as a rockland hammock due to the presence of extensive surface cap rock.  It is also home to one of the largest populations of thatch palms in the United States. It is prime habitat for birds, such as the white-crowned pigeon.

To access the trail, travel west from the park entrance (toward Marathon and Key West) 1 mile. Parking can be found in the parking lot on the right or bay side. Then, walk east (toward the park entrance or Miami) on the bike path 300 yards to the trail head.There is extensive cap rock so wear close toed shoes, and take water (there are no facilities).