Manager's Message

Manager's Message Crystal River Archaeological State Park

John Lakich, Park Manager

The Crystal River Archaeological State Park has gone through some changes in the past several months. When you visit you will notice that a great deal of vegetation has been removed from the cultural features and other areas of the mound complex. This was done to allow effective cultural management and for research to be conducted by an archaeological field school using archaeologists and students from the University of West Florida and the University of South Florida. This research recorded data from a variety of remote sensing techniques that will provide some knowledge of sub-surface strata without actual ground disturbance. This will heighten our understanding of the site and the people that used it.

In the summer of 2011 the University of South Florida conducted research on another archaeological feature within the park. The Robert's Island complex has begun its long awaited survey. The survey will reinforce the intent over the past 15 years to better understand the role the mound sites played in the ancient regional populations and it relationship to the complex at the Crystal River Mound Site. In conjunction with the survey a research model will be developed so that early archeological research has a lessened impact on that conducted in the future.