Manager's Message

Michelle Waterman Park Manager

Michelle Waterman, Park Manager

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the 5 miles of pristine shoreline along Little Park. Whether you’re enjoying the beach with friends and family, catching a wave, hunting for shells, biking or wetting a line, we want to remind you of the important wildlife nesting that is underway here. This barrier island boasts over 5 miles of pristine shoreline, where thousands of baby sea turtles hatched last summer from 72 nests. Sea turtles’ nest from May through October. Please give their brightly marked nests plenty of space, remember to fill in your sandcastle moats and know that lights are not allowed on the beach at night.

Shorebirds are also raising their young here this time of year. There are multiple posted shorebird nesting areas that are protected and closed to the public. Please give them plenty of space to feed and rest as you observe them from afar. 

We hope that you and your family take advantage of the restorative nature that our park offers along the shoreline. The north beach boasts picturesque driftwood trees and is perfect for shoreline fishing, fossil and shell hunting, surfing, low-tide bike riding or shorebird viewing. We are happy to see you here.