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Michelle Waterman Park Manager

Michelle Waterman, Park Manager

Camping under the curving Live Oaks at Little Talbot Island on a cool Fall evening will soothe your soul. Chatting around a fire taking in the scenic salt marsh views of Myrtle Creek or stargazing along the Atlantic shoreline, spending time with family and friends outdoors this time of year is a must.

This barrier island boasts over 5 miles of pristine shoreline, home to the over 4,000 baby sea turtles that hatched this summer from 41 nests between May and October. The north beach boasts picturesque driftwood trees and is perfect for shoreline fishing, fossil and shell hunting, surfing, low-tide bike riding or shorebird viewing.

Visitors have the option of checking out a CD audio guide or streaming the MP3 version from this Web site. A written version is also available for download at this Web site. Both the audio and text versions are designed to be self-guiding, allowing visitors to do the tour at their own pace. The Saturiwa Trail audio CD is the first installment of the Virtual Ranger Series.

Copies of the CD guide and QR code links to the online MP3 version are available at the following locations: Little Talbot Island Ranger Station, the Ribault Club and the Kingsley Plantation on Fort George Island Cultural State Park, Long Island Outfitters Kayak Amelia and Kelly Seahorse Ranch.