Manager's Message

Rachel Nunlist, Lake Louisa Park Manager smiling at the camera

Rachel Nunlist, Park Manager

Hello! There are lots of activities to enjoy at Lake Louisa State Park but my favorite is hiking on our extensive trail system. We have over 20 miles of trails and I guarantee that regardless of what type of trails you enjoy, there’s something for you here.

As an avid hiker myself, I’m extraordinarily lucky to have been able to work or hike on literally every mile of our trails. Some of my favorites are the trails that run through the Flatwoods south of Bear Lake. I love the wide openness of the trails and how that affords me an unrestricted view of the kites, kestrels and other birds who frequent the area. 

I especially enjoy the late afternoon light that filters down through the pine trees and kisses the fronds of the bright green saw palmettos. Keep an eye out for the numerous depression marshes that dot the trails and the abundance of colorful wetland plants that can be found there.

Really, there’s nothing to dislike about the trails in this area at all. Well, there is ONE thing. If you visit between April and November, bring some bug spray since in addition to beautiful wetland plants, birds and animals there’s also a lot of yellow flies.

If you have any questions about our trails, please feel free to call the ranger station at 352-394-3969. All of the staff have different “favorites” and would love to tell you about them.

We hope to see you soon!