Manager's Message

Cypress trees have a golden - red glow on a late winter's afternoon

Morgan Tyrone, Park Manager

Here at Highlands Hammock State Park, walking park trails in the late afternoon and early evening as dusk falls can be an enchanting experience. Visitors walking the historic catwalk on the Cypress Swamp Trail or many of the other trails within the hammock may hear owls calling at this time of day. Visitors are encouraged to stop by the ranger station and share their observations and wildlife sightings on a comment card so that we can know about all of their exciting experiences.

Park staff will be spending time in the winter and spring conducting prescribed burns. Prescribed burns intentionally apply fire to a specific area to achieve certain resource management goals. The benefits of prescribed burning include the reduction of natural fuel loads to minimize the risk of wildfires, thus protecting the homes near the park wild lands. Prescribed burns are conducted by park burn crews with the assistance of Prescribed Fire Training Center western firefighters, who are trained by Florida Park Service staff.  Visitors are advised that they may see residual smoke in "blackened" areas where burns have taken place. 

  • The campgrounds become very busy during the peak winter season, so it is advisable for campers to secure reservations in advance.
  • Firewood, ice, bike rentals, gift items and tram tour tickets may be purchased at the Hammock Inn. For more information, call the Hammock Inn at 863-402-0061. 
  • For information about upcoming events and activities, including special events, please see our events page
  • For general information, please call the Ranger Station at (863) 386-6094.