Manager's Message

John Lakich, Park Manager

John Lakich, Park Manager

With over 10,000 acres, 16 different natural communities and endless hiking trails, Jonathan Dickinson State Park is the perfect place to explore, no matter the time of year.

Although the lines can be blurred, each season offers something new and exciting in South Florida. 

Perhaps it’s our resident bald eagles perched high atop their winter nest, or pine lilies popping out in a spring wildflower bloom. Or maybe you prefer hearing the thunder roll in summer and seeing the slow approach of a golden cumulonimbus cloud over an undeveloped landscape. Or you could be searching for a rare migratory bird as it passes through Florida so you can check it off your life-list.

Each season has its bounties at Jonathan Dickinson State Park.    

No matter when you come, make sure to make the trek to the top of the Hobe Mountain observation tower for the bird’s-eye, 360-degree view, where only the imagination can see where the park ends.   

There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy hiking, biking, camping, wildlife viewing or spending time on the river, we’ve got it. Explore the park, have an adventure, create new memories and experience …the Real Florida!