Manager's Message

Park Manager Robert Steele stands under the shade of the trees.

Robert Steele, Park Manager

Hello and welcome to the Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail. Now is a great time to hop on the trail and ride your bike, walk/run, roller blade or ride your horse. This very active and popular trail was the first rails to trails site in Florida. The railroad was the longest operating railroad in Florida and so far, it is the longest operating paved recreation trail as well. The approximate 16-mile portion takes you from the south side of Tallahassee to the city of St. Marks. Many people will travel the entire distance on any given day while others pick a spot to enter the trail and ride a distance of their choice.

Located near stores and restaurants the trail provides an opportunity for alternative travel to different communities. The trail also connects to a larger network of paved trails in the area. Our trail traverses through a variety of scenery including open meadows, farms, forests and small towns.

The Capital Circle Trailhead provides the northernmost access to our trail. There are picnic facilities, railroad display and quick access to mountain bike trails provided by the U.S. Forest Service. Wakulla Station is at about the 9-mile mark and provides picnic facilities, restrooms and a playground. There is also a quarter-mile circular path around the parking lot. There are plenty of additional parking/access areas along the trail.

If you are interested in visiting or already on the Tallahassee-St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail and need more information from our amazing staff, please give our park office a call at 850-487-7989, or feel free to contact me at