Manager's Message

Picture of Lu Dodson Park Manager of Indian Key

Lu Dodson, Park Manager

The San Pedro is one of the most frequently visited of the 1733 wreck sites due to its designation and interpretation as an underwater archaeological preserve and Florida State Park.

There is nothing I can think of that is more refreshing than to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys while encountering the cultural and natural history that abounds at this unique state park. Hook up to one of the five mooring buoys surrounding the site and jump in the clear blue water to view the remains of the wreck, anchor, seven replica cannons and a plaque at the southeast end of the ballast stones.

Natural features include at least 10 species of living corals, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, gobies, drums, damselfish, wrasses, snappers, groupers, spadefish, eels, grunts, hogfish, scorpionfish, tangs, jellyfish and flounders.

Please remember that while snorkeling or diving, a diver-down flag is required by law and the disturbance of the site including collecting, lobstering and fishing is prohibited.

Please bring plenty of fluids and sunscreen.