Manager's Message

Image of Robert Dampman, Devil's Millhopper Park Manager, standing ina field petting a horse.

Robert Dampman, Park Manager

The main geological feature of the park is also our main attraction, a 120 foot deep sinkhole. Even though we’re undergoing repairs to the stairway that takes visitors to the bottom, it’s still an interesting feature from above. Its wider than you’re able to see, stretching about 500 feet at the top and narrowing to about 100 feet at the bottom. With the cooler months coming and the leaves falling off the trees, you’re able to see all the way to the bottom of the sinkhole with very little obstructions. Though you won’t see the waterfalls from the rim, as soon as you get to the edge, you’ll hear the steady flow of water entering the sink. A nature trail loops around the entire rim. It’s over half a mile long and it’s a great place to stretch your legs and see a bit of original, natural Florida.

Coming to the park and seeing what we have to offer is how you really understand why this special place has been attracting people for over 100 years. There is so much history and beauty here that it is easy for everyone to find a reason to want to come back. We hope you come to our park to experience the history and mystery that surround this place. We look forward to seeing you!