John Gorrie Museum

cultural resources

The John Gorrie Museum is proud to be the temporary host for an incredible exhibit showcasing the history of the Florida Park Service. Visitors will have the opportunity to view a collection of items that tell the story of the creation of the Florida Park Service. The collection includes an exceptional assortment of historical images, unique artifacts, film footage, and other historically significant items which illustrate how Florida's state parks' natural and cultural resources have been preserved for the past 80 years.

In addition to the Florida Park Service exhibit, the museum also has a section detailing the accomplishments of John Gorrie. There is a replica of his flagship invention, the ice machine, which he used to treat patients afflicted by Yellow Fever during the late 1800s.

The recreated sick rooms give visitors a glimpse into the past, complete with the original instruments that doctors used to treat patients. Learn about John Gorrie's role in helping to find a cure for the debilitating disease and how his invention changed the world.