Hurricane Recovery- Long Key State Park

A view of the newly built tiki hut.

Long Key State Park is located in the remarkable Florida Keys. The area was once an exclusive haven that the rich used as the destination for their illustrious vacations. Now, it is a peaceful retreat where the public can fish, swim, or simply relax along the shore. 

When Hurricane Irma hit South Florida on September 10, 2017, Long Key was in the storm’s path. Storm surge flooded the park, devastating buildings and everything in its path. After the storm, emergency services and park staff banded together to clear away the wreckage from the storm. There was so much damage that the park essentially had to “start over” with the rebuilding process.

Just a little over two years later, most of Long Key State Park is now open once again to the public and available to host a variety of water-related activities. There is still more work to be done to restore the signature ocean-front campsites and teams are working tirelessly to make it safe for visitors. In time, guests will be able to camp along the azure waters of Long Key once again.