Hiking at Wingate Creek

A view of Wingate Creek at Wingate Creek State Park.

The open fields at Wingate Creek State Park are an exceptional place for exploration and hiking. The park has four miles of trails which take you on a scenic trip through scrubby flatwoods, forest wetlands and mesic flatwoods.

This area was settled in the 1890s but has been left mostly undeveloped. This gives visitors a taste of Florida as it was before human development.

The area is maintained by prescribed fire, meaning that you will see lush patches of greenery, even among the dry scrub areas. This is an excellent area to do some wildlife viewing, nature study or even photography. You may encounter red-tailed hawks, Florida mice and white-tailed deer along your walk.

Near the eastern border of the park, a small creek flows southward, eventually flowing into the Myakka River. The banks of the creek are a great place to take a break and simply enjoy reconnecting with nature.

  • A gate code is needed to access the park. Please contact the ranger station at Lake Manatee State Park at 941-741-3028.