Hike the Nature Trail

a shaded canopy of oak and other trees stretches over a narrow trail through leaves

The ½ mile long nature trail in Troy Spring State Park passes through several distinct natural communities, including mesic flatwoods, sandhill and upland pine and mixed forests. A quick and peaceful getaway from the main springs area, this brief walk in the woods is perfect for those seeking relaxation and a connection with nature.

A short, winding path, the trail around this small state park twists and turns through the trees, giving a meandering sort of purpose to any who walk on it. Haste is not recommended here, as the trail is clearly meant for those willing to take it slow and observe what they might find along the way.

Trees, including a variety of oaks, create a shaded canopy over the trail through which sunlight streams, while an understory of saw palmetto and young, fluffy pines accompany them on either side of the narrow path. Wildlife may also be observed by those willing to stop and look or listen, including many red-shouldered hawks cartwheeling through the sky, gopher tortoises shuffling through the sand, and deer tip-toeing through the brush.

Perhaps the best way to sum up this nature trail is that it is short and sweet, a friendly and comforting path through the woods. A perfect showcase of the park’s impressive natural resources, this trail will lead you right back to the heart of the spring, and hopefully, on to further adventures at Troy Spring State Park.