Florida Greenways and Trails Month

Trail at Blackwater River State Park

October is Florida Greenways and Trails month. 

Florida is home to thousands of miles of trails and many recreational greenways. These are versatile, multi-use areas where visitors can enjoy a picnic, mountain biking or any other outdoor activity that they enjoy.  

Hiking Trails 

The most popular kinds of trails in Florida are dedicated to hiking. Hiking trails in Florida offer a wide array of fascinating ecological displays. Whether you enjoy passing through tropical hammocks or dry Florida scrublands, there is something for everyone.  

Some of these hiking trails are multi-use, offering access to cyclists and horseback riders. To find more information about trails in your area, visit the online trail guide provided by the Office of Greenways and Trails. 

A couple hiking down a trail.

Paddling Trails 

While many of Florida’s trails are walking paths through canopied forests and along beaches, there are many state trails that are traveled via kayak or canoe. These aquatic trails flow through Florida’s rivers and offer a chance to view the natural beauty of the state through a different perspective. 

At 1,515 miles, the longest paddling trail in the state is the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. This trail starts at Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola and travels, via 26 sections, all the way to Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach on the opposite side of the state. The sections of the trail may be travelled individually or in sequence over the course of weeks or months. Along the path are dozens of state parks that can provide overnight accommodations for passing paddlers. 

Paddler traversing coastal waters.

World Animal Day 

Wildlife viewing in Florida is an incredible experience. From deer to bison to panthers, there are animals to see around every turn at Florida State Parks. World Animal Day, celebrated Oct. 4, is a great opportunity to appreciate these creatures.  

If you’re looking for a new wildlife viewing experience, find out which state trails are connected to state parks in your area and make a day of hiking, cycling or paddling down a path that weaves through natural and unique habitats. 

Whenever you visit Florida State Parks, it is important to remember these tips:  

  • Bring drinking water in a reusable container, use sun protection and wear comfortable shoes.  
  • Give wildlife plenty of space by remaining at least 25 yards away. If you are close enough for a selfie, you are too close. Binoculars will help you see wildlife from a safe distance.  
  • Do not attempt to feed wild animals. It’s dangerous for you and for the animals.  


Bison at Payne's Prairie Preserve State Park