Fairbanks Morse Engine at Koreshan

Fairbanks Morse engine seen at the park.

Installed in 1925, the 80 horsepower Fairbanks Morse engine powered a Westinghouse generator, providing all the electric power the Unity could need. The generator powered the dining hall, art hall, general store and several smaller structures.

This new technology provided light in individual rooms, thereby no longer requiring the use of oil lamps. In time, the Koreshans provided electricity to any resident in the Estero area who desired it.

The vintage Fairbanks Morse engine remains a part of the historic Koreshan Settlement to this day. It is located in the generator building within the industrial area of the historic Koreshan Settlement. Completely restored and rebuilt by hand, the Fairbanks Morse engine gives visitors a glimpse at a rare and unique technology no longer seen today. 

A view of the fairbanks-morse engine.