Experience the Treasures at the San Pedro

Spadefish at the San Pedro

Beneath 18 feet of water, the San Pedro is a prime location for beginning snorkelers or scuba divers who want to enjoy a fun day on the water. Although this site is protected from treasure hunting by Florida law, there are several experiences you can treasure when visiting the site.

Spadefish at the San Pedro

There have been over 65 species of fish and 10 different species of coral documented on the site. The species richness of the site combined with its historical features make for good picture composition. Underwater photographers can take home digital treasures with every visit.

History buffs will treasure the fact that they are visiting one of the oldest shipwrecks in the Keys. The San Pedro was the second shipwreck to be designated as a state of Florida underwater archaeological preserve due to its accessibility and picturesque location.

A purplemouth moray eel hides under a rock.

Over the years, the ballast stones have created an artificial patch reef that attracts many different species of fish. Huge schools of grunts, snappers and spadefish can often be seen hovering just above the ballast stone pile. Groupers, drums, hogfish, wrasses and parrotfish cruise near the bottom.

Whether enjoying a picnic lunch on a boat tied up to a mooring buoy or exploring the site with mask and snorkel, a day out on the water experiencing new sights always creates lasting memories. 

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