Celebrate Public Lands

Couple fishing off of a dock.

From Land To Sea, Get Involved by Giving Back 

Volunteers have an essential role in Florida State Parks year-round, from greeting visitors to leading nature hikes. But September is a special time for Florida’s public lands, with two annual events that invite communities to join together for a day of celebration and service. 

National Public Lands Day 

Each year, the fourth Saturday of September is devoted to celebrating the historical, cultural and environmental treasures found on public lands. National Public Lands Day, on Sept. 23, provides a special opportunity to join a volunteer event, enjoy a picnic, take a hike, go camping or enjoy your favorite outdoor activity in one of our 175 state parks.

Large branching tree at Dade Battlefield

September “Park Pick” 

Known for its versatility and uniqueness, the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway is perfect for whichever outdoor activities you enjoy. This 100-mile-long greenway stretches the width of Florida and houses multiple trail systems, vast fields and multipurpose recreation areas.  

Whenever you visit Florida State Parks, it is important to remember these tips:  

  • Bring drinking water in a reusable container, use sun protection and wear comfortable shoes.  
  • Give wildlife plenty of space by remaining at least 25 yards away. If you are close enough for a selfie, you are too close. Binoculars will help you see wildlife from a safe distance.  
  • Do not attempt to feed wild animals. It’s dangerous for you and for the animals.  


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